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 Less than 1 month to go!





Now for the announcement....







Did you miss out on weekend masterclasses?


4  Intermediate/Advanced level masterclasses have been added to the festival schedule!





Mon 23 September:  Ayodele Casel (USA) - 2pm to 3.30  BOOK MYSELF IN!


Tues 24 September: Travis Knights (CAN) - 2pm to 3.30  BOOK MYSELF IN!


Wed 25 September: Chris Horsey (AUS) - 2pm to 3.30   BOOK MYSELF IN!


                            Thur 26 September: Thomas Wadelton (AUS) - 2pm to 3.30  BOOK MYSELF IN!



   want it all? BOOK MYSELF IN FOR ALL 4!





Only 13 places left in each


if you book yourself in after it has sold out, we will contact you to refund.


Any enquiries? Please email Ella at info@australiantapdancefestival.com.au

For events, residencies and everything else, view schedule