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The Events

"Never Tapped Before" Absolute beginner class - FREE! (Email to register)

 Talking Tap - Faculty Q & A - $15 entry - Click here to purchase tickets

 Tap Dance Jam night with Live Music - $15 entry - Click here to purchase tickets

 Future of Tap presented by Capezio - $15 entry Click here to purchase tickets
 Cutting Competition (Tap Battle) - $15 entry - Click here to purchase tickets

 Learn the Famous Shim Sham - FREE (Email to register)

 Lunchtime Talks/Jams - FREE


Details of events below....


"NEVER TAPPED BEFORE" Absolute beginner class -FREE!

Ever wanted to tap, but never got the chance?   

Let's get everyone into tap!   This class is free and open to the public. No tap shoes required - just wear comfortable shoes.    

Come learn fun basics and great rhythms in a friendly environment, leave wanting more!  

Free registration here:

Future of Tap presented by Capezio®     Audience tickets: $15/head        

See what's happening in Tap from around Australia and New Zealand as artists present new works and excerpts from shows.  

Additionally, the Festival Director will pick one act to perform in the Australian Tap Dance Festival Gala on Saturday 1st October alongside the international faculty.

Adjudicated by members of the festival faculty, artists will receive feedback on their style, musicality, visual presentation and connection in their performance. 

This is an opportunity to showcase your work/s in front of a live audience at Chapel Off Chapel, with feedback from industry professionals and prizes from Capezio.

Limited places available, free entry.  

Click here for full details and to register now:

Lunchtime Talk and Jams.   FREE

Learn the history and stories of the dance, discuss any questions you may have, watch historical footage, join in a conversation on the floor (jam).  Simply turn up at lunchtime and enjoy! 
As tap dancers, we are musicians, come and learn the theory of music to help you appreciate music deeper and enhance your communication of the music you are dancing to! 

Cutting Contest.  $15/head

In the tradition of tap dancers trying to one-up each other, the introduction of the cutting competition at this festival is an exciting format where tap dancers will improvise against an opponent and judged on their timing, musicality, sound, originality and style.  It is essentially a tap battle!    There will be an under 12 division, and a teenage/adult division.   Here's a demonstration:

Capezio® tap shoes will be awarded to the winner!   

Register your interest here:


Tap Jam (Improvisation) night with LIVE Jazz Music. 

This is a big part of tap dance culture. We know that Tap Dance is an important part of jazz history, so not only are they both African-American art forms, they are also improvisational art forms.  

Experience the energy of a tap jam and witness improvisation being a great freedom and expression.  We welcome you as a tap community to have a go on the floor, or simply enjoy watching tap steps being created in the spontaneity of the moment!  With LIVE jazz musicians - this will be a soulful and enriching experience for anyone in the room whether you are a dancer or spectator.  Whether you plan to make music or soak it in by listening and watching, the jam starts at 6pm and you have the freedom to come and go as you please!     

Entry: $15/head.

Talking Tap -Festival Q & A  -  Entry$15/head. 

Join the Australian Tap Dance Festival faculty for a live Q&A – Discover what made them choose their career in dance, how they got started, what drives & inspires them and any other questions you have. 

The faculty consists of artists who have appeared on stage, TV & film including Tap Dogs, Hot Shoe Shuffle, So You Think You Can Dance, Happy Feet 2 plus many more.

Our international guest, will also join us to answer your questions and give an insight into their amazing experiences.

This use to be a lunchtime event but always ran over and drew a large audience, so we've made it one of the featured night events of the festvial!

If you are looking to launch a career in the industry or are fascinated by the world of dance, come and join us in this insightful Q & A.


Learn the Shim Sham! - FREE 

The Shim Sham Shimmy is a famous tap finale created in 1927 by Dr. Leonard Reed and his friend Willie Bryant - in the wings before a show because they needed a quick finale!   It has lasted through time and become an anthem for tap dancers (and swing dancers - to perform at events such as festivals or at the end shows (like our concert show on Friday), where tap dancers in the audience are invited up on stage to join in the Shim Sham finale!   

Open to any tap dancer who is comfortable with their tap basics in order to learn this 32-bar dance in a this one hour class.  No registration required, just show up on time!    





The most esteemed event of the festival will present a cavalcade of international and Australian tap dancers showcasing everything you love about tap dance and more.The event will push the boundaries of what tap is thought to be and excite you by the possibilities and sheer entertainment.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of some of Australia's best tap dancers and our international guest.

Seating is allocated, so be sure to book early for the best seats in the house and ensure you are booked in for a night that will excite, inspire and entertain!