Faculty Q&A starts at 4:30pm – Tickets still available via Book Now

Come and meet the inspirational faculty of the 2020 ATDF hosted by the dapper Eden Read!

Discover more about Dein Perry (the creator of Tap Dogs), Peta Anderson (Eireborne), Thomas Egan (The Tap Pack), Garry Stocks (Australian Ballet), Thomas Wadelton (Tapestry), Jack Egan (The Forge Tap Project), Nathaniel Hancock (Tap Dogs), Sam Marks (Magic Mike), Krysten Forster (Pickled Beats), Christine Denny (TAPATAKOZ), Leanne Driel (WA Tap Dance Orchestra), Tania Chodasewicz (Junkyard Beats), Shane Preston (IDO coach), Emma Wickham (E-tap online) and festival director, Winston Morrison.

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