Festival Producer

Favorite food

Pizza as it can include all the foods I love!

First tap memory

Watching the original Hot Shoe Shuffle with Dein Perry, Christopher Horsey, Adam Garcia, Dale Pengally, Kevin Coyne, Rhonda Burchmore, Sheldon Perry, David Atkins & Jack Webster. This show is what started my tap journey.

Most memorable tap class

Arthur Duncan at the Montreal Tap Festival in 2013 – what an inspiration and wealth of knowledge!

Ella's story

Who is Ella? She is the friend you want as your wing-woman. A Nancy Drew uncovering hidden talent. A Fairy Godmother waving a magic wand to turn dreams into reality. A Dr. Watson bringing joie de vivre to solve life’s puzzles.

With these talents, Ella has woven her way through the arts & entertainment industry for two decades in a myriad of eclectic roles. She graces many stages as a tap dancer. She once produced a children’s television series. She has managed a boyband, actors, comedians and Santas. She worked as music supervisor for a Paul Hogan feature, as production manager for a major Bollywood film, event manager for the Dog Lovers Show and has proudly produced the Australian Tap Dance Festival for ten years.

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