What would you take if you were stuck in a room for 2 weeks:

If I have my laptop and access to internet I’m pretty comfy. The rest is kinda optional. No need for phones and all that nonsense but a stable connection *Chefs Kiss*

What is a highlight of being on the festival committee:

Our Q&A from the festival in 2020. I was up around 2am in the US to get in on the talk and the number of people and level of engagement was quite heartwarming. The feedback and love we received when we had no idea how everything would unfold was a beautiful reminder of our purpose in making this festival happen.

Ideal date:

A good sound system, beautiful wood floor and no one else but me and my shoes. A view and food wouldn’t be turned down either.

Jonah's story

Jonah started tap dancing at age 10 at Tap Pups under Dein Perry and Nathan Sheens. This is where his passion for the dance was born and he has since been pursuing knowledge and opportunities to better educate and immerse himself in the dance. Jonah was able to attend Broadway Dance Centre in New York City for 6 months where he was mentored by Aaron Tolson. Whilst abroad he was able to attend festivals and events across the US taking class and learning from world class leaders in the art. Later Jonah attended the 2019 School of Jacob’s Pillow Tap Program before moving to Austin Texas as a Principal Dancer in Tapestry Dance company.

Jonah’s first festival experience was in Melbourne at the 2013 Australian Tap Dance Festival. Ever since Jonah has been returning whenever possible and since 2018 has been on the festival committee. Jonah aims to share his learning to expand the reach of tap dance in Australia and wants to bring the same joy and experiences he has been able to have to those who are hungry for it.

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