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The Australian Tap Dance Festival has expended into Sydney (and a lot of other cities!) this year. We hope to share as much of our passion for tap dance with you as we can. However, the festival only runs in Sydney for two days. So, if you’re based in Sydney and you’re looking for some juicy tap goodness, we have a few things for you to look into.

Sydney Tap Festival
The Sydney Tap Festival runs annually for three days, usually in early April during the school holidays. It offers a residency streams, masterclasses and other events for tappers of all ages and ability levels. Follow Sydney Tap Festival for more information on next year’s event when the date approaches.Follow Sydney Tap Festival on Facebook and Instagram

Australian Tap Dance Company: The Tap Affect Workshop (Riverside Theatre, Parramatta)
The Tap Affect is the inaugural performance of the Australian Tap Dance Company, an effort spearheaded by industry powerhouses Peta Anderson, Brianna Taylor, Thomas Egan and Jack Egan. Not only are they delivering 4 performances from 8th – 10th July, but they are offering a workshop on the 10th July. Click here for details!
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Thomas Egan’s Open Classes (Village Nation, 32 Bowden St, Alexandria)
Thomas Egan offers two weekly open classes. One for adult beginners/intermediates on Thursdays at 6:30pm, and one for advanced tappers on Fridays at 6:00pm. Though he tries to keep both classes to a weekly schedule, it’s best to follow him on facebook for updates on whether or not his classes will run on any given week.
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Tap Pups (Tap Dogs HQ, 60 Wairoa Ave, Bondi)
Occasionally, Reid Perry of Tap Dogs fame will host an open class for all comers, usually on a Thursday at 12:00pm. Follow Tap Pups or Tap Dogs to be alerted when the next one might be!
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